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EQUITYBITE is coming to the market to solve the investors liquidity problem for the secondary market.
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Who We Are

We are a marketplace that connects sellers and buyers of equity.

On the seller side we help shareholders to sell their equity before an actual exit.
On the buyer side we give an opportunity to investors to venture into privately owned companies outside of investment rounds.

Meet Our Co-Founders

An amazing team with a proven track record and the right skills

João Costa Life mottos: "maximum freedom for maximum responsibility", "not knowing impossible, he went and did." tumblr Linkedin
Svetlana Androshchuk Wants to leave a mark on the history by creating a challenging and life changing venture. Linkedin
Ângelo Ferreira Desire, Determination, Dedication And Discipline. "Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better." Linkedin
DEMIUM Startups The fastest growing Startup Incubator in Europe helped creating 150+ projects and supports 1000+ entrepreneurs. Twitter Facebook Linkedin