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EQUITYBITE is coming to the market to solve the investors liquidity problem for the secondary market.
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Join EQUITYBITE and complete the KYC procedure

Create an account on EQUITYBITE by filling out all the required information and become our client. Firstly, EQUITYBITE will be available in 4 markets: UK, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.


Browse deals and show your interest in elected ones

After your profile is verified, you will have access to all available deals in EQUITYBITE. Each deal provides a limited info. To access the full information about a deal, you (Investor) must indicate your interest in it.


Access the full deal information

To access the full information of a deal, the Shareholder will have to agree with your interest in it and grant you (Investor) the access to it.


Show your decision in purchasing a deal

If you (Investor) want to proceede with the deal, you (Investor) must indicate your wish to purchase the equity.


Complete the KYF (Know Your Finance) procedure

You (Investor) will be required to prove to have the needed funds to conduct the deal. This procedure will be done by UTRUST, our financial partner.


Confirm the financial transaction and get the equity

The last step to complete the deal: EQUITYBITE's legal team will work on all paperwork, via Smart Contract, for your signature, digital or physical.