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EQUITYBITE is coming to the market to solve the investors liquidity problem for the secondary market.
If you are interested and want to learn more, click the button REGISTER!


Join EQUITYBITE and complete the KYC procedure

Create an account on EQUITYBITE by filling out all the required information and become our client. Firstly, EQUITYBITE will be available in 4 markets: UK, Ireland, Portugal and Spain.


Complete the KYD (Know Your Deal) procedure

Provide the needed information about your deal to EQUITYBITE for a due diligence (compliance) analysis, before broadcasting it on EQUITYBITE.


Broadcast your deal on EQUITYBITE

After your deal is verified it will be available in EQUITYBITE, with a specific webpage, to all our clients. You (Shareholder) may pamper up the webpage of your deal and make it more attractive and complete.


Grant to an Investor access to the full deal information

You (Shareholder) have the power to decide which Investors can access the full information of your deal. Just approve or reprove the Investor's interest, when they request it. You may access the Investor's profile to help you make a decision.


Decide if an Investor can purchase the deal

You (Shareholder) are the one deciding which Investor will purchase the equity. When an Investor requests to purchase your equity, you will either approve or reprove the deal.


Confirm the financial transaction and trade the equity

The last step to complete the deal: EQUITYBITE's legal team will work on all paperwork, via Smart Contract, for your signature, digital or physical.